Teaching laboratories are full of Electrochemistry products. Most people will have made their first pH measurement or performed their First Titration in an early chemistry class before they were 12 years old. 

At the other end of the scale researchers are looking into the effect of high copper and lead concentrations in crustaceans  or the corrosive effects of high Chloride concentrations in cement.   The keys for successful analysis in the Educational sphere are simplicity and reliability.

EDT direct ION manufacture simple and robust pH, Conductivity and Ion meters for the teaching laboratory as well as equivalent research models for Advanced analysis.  Our Electrodes are largely maintenance free and can with stand the rigours of the classroom and the great outdoors. 

EDT directION have produced a set of Electrochemistry guides that explain the theory behind the key measurements which in conjunction with the use of our products will ensure a more complete understanding of the analysis.

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