Improving Water quality is one of the main challenges in todays industrial world. To improve it you need to measure the key parameters that cause problems. Many of our substances in water are ionic, some are added to the benefit of populations such as Fluoride to improve Dental Health. Some are added to water courses by industrial polluters such as Lead mercury and Cadmium.

Measuring the pH of the various qualities of water is just about the most common Electrochemical measurement including Sewage, Swimming pools, Rivers, the Ocean, Drinking water ,rain, aquaria and purified water.  Salinity is another common measurement be it to protect boilers, check effectiveness of softeners, identify seawater contamination, control Brine strength in food preservation or to prevent corrosion.

ISEs are simple, low cost devices ideally suited to measure Ions in water. They can often be dipped directly in samples for Qualitative direct measurement or be analysed in laboratories to produce accurate and repeatable results. 

EDT directION have prepared a selection of common methods used in the Environmental  arena and these are available for immediate download.  The methods include a section on sample preparation and contain practical hints and tips to enable the user to achieve a good result with the minimum of fuss.


A rapid simple method for the measurement of iodide in water in the range of 0.01 ppm - 10,000 ppm

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A rapid and simple method for the measurement of fluoride concentration in water in the range of 0.1 - 100ppm.

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