Industrial Analysis

Preventing or minimising corrosion is a major industrial challenge and the measurement of Chloride, salt concentration in aggregates and cement ensure that structures maintain their integrity whilst the Redox potential can help establish the severity of any local corrosion in metal structures.

Water Hardness from Calcium and Magnesium salts are a large contributor to the damage and failure of boilers, heaters and coolant systems as key components become caked in Calcium salts. Prevention is better than cure so the measurement of Calcium of Hardness is essential in todays industrial world.

Heavy industry is a producer of significant water course pollution be it heavy metals or poisons such as Cyanide, Sulphurous material and Nitrous compounds. These are all measurable using electrochemical techniques particularly Ion selective electrodes.  The increase in legislation means that todays industrial producer has to monitor and report on its environmental impact and as a result will turn the electrochemistry for some of the solutions.

EDT directION have prepared a selection of common methods used in the Industrial arena and these are available for immediate download.  The methods include a section on sample preparation and contain practical hints and tips to enable the user to achieve a good result with the minimum of fuss.


This is a method for the determination of silver ion concentration in hypochlorite based fixer solutions

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Measuring Aluminium Ions

The EDT directION Fluoride electrode is used in the following titration of Aluminium ions with a sodium fluoride titrant.

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A rapid low cost way to determine ION concentration

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