Medical Analysis

Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Chloride, Fluoride and pH are frequently measured in the Medical arena as they are often critical indicators of our health and wellbeing.  Not only are many of these parameters measured in our bodily fluids such as Serum , plasma and urine they are also measured in the various medicines and pharmaceutical preparations provided to maintain or improve our health.

pH, Conductivity and ISE have the advantage of requiring only a small volume of sample with which to make an analysis even if this involves a dilution of the original fluid. These techniques are also low cost unlike most auto-analysers operated in large primary hospitals and research centres.

Some common measurement include skin pH (around 5.5), Sodium and Potassium in Serum and Chloride in sweat for Cystic fibrosis screening. Preparations such as Oral Rehydration salts acid indigestion products undergo significant electrochemical testing to provide patient security.

Calcium treatments are common particularly in the treatment and maintenance of healthy bones. Therefore analysis in Milk and Additive products are common in electrochemistry.

EDT directION have prepared a selection of common methods used in the Medical/Pharmaceutical arena and these are available for immediate download.  The methods include a section on sample preparation and contain practical hints and tips to enable the user to achieve a good result with the minimum of fuss.

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