The A5005 Glass Conductivity Cell is for continuous flow applications and is ideal for measurements over the range of 1µ/cm to 200mS/cm.

Typical applications could range from checking the quality of source water to the quality control of conductive solutions.

The 12mm glass body has two internal active platinum electrodes 1cm apart. The inlet is on the base of the electrode to ensure that there are no air bubbles in the flow. The output is perpendicular and is non pressurized. The inlet diameter is 6mm therefore flexible inert tubing with and id of 6mm will be perfect for flowing applications. The A5005 Conductivity cell is suitable for use with the complete range of EDT conductivity meters and contains a temperature sensor to enable all readings to be temperature compensated (ATC).

Calibration solutions are available and the recommendation for general purpose cells (K=1) is to calibrate using a 1413µS/cm standard such as EDT A3052 and A3053.

Temperature reading and compensation range is 0-50 degrees centigrade. For accurate analysis below 5µ/cm use a K=0.1 cell (E8072). For process measurements or where the use of glass is not acceptable EDT manufacture a complete range of Conductivity cells to suit most applications.

The A5005 Conductivity cell has a fixed 1 metre cable with a DIN connector to fit EDT meters. We also manufacture conductivity cells compatible with most models and make of instrument.

Thumb File information
A5005 Brochure.pdf 1.81MB 948
Body Type Glass
Cell Type Platinum Plates
Commodity Code 90279050
Conductivity Cell Range 1µScm to 200mS/cm
Connector DIN Connector for EDT Conductivity Meters
Diameter 12mm (Not including side arm)
length 155mm

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Glass Conductivity Flow Cell K=1

  • £100.00

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