A glass bodied combination electrode ideal for the measurement of low conductivity samples including pure waters and other environmentally sensitive products.

  • Fast response
  • High Quality. Made in the UK
  • Compatible with all common pH meters
  • Ideal for Environmental work
  • Ideal for pure aqueous samples

The reference is an Ag/AgCl unit with an annular ceramic junction .The pH bulb is constructed from ultra-low impedance glass for maximum sensitivity.

The E8085 does not require a separate reference electrode and is compatible with all EDT pH meters and most modern alternatives with a BNC socket. With a 12mm glass body and a refilling aperture for the  filling solution the E8085 has a low cost of ownership. The ceramic frit junction provides good electrolyte flow and stable pH results.

The Glass bulb is of ultra-low resistance glass which provides a fast response and maximum sensitivity. The E8085 pH combination electrode comes complete with a 1 metre fixed cable and a BNC connector.

For some field applications it may be best to use the E8080 rugged polymer pH combination electrode which has a rugged polymer body and bulb protector.

Calibration is normally performed using two pH buffer solutions and a temperature probe for Automatic temperature compensation (ATC). To view a simple pH calibration click here.

Thumb File information
pH-Ref-REDOX Manual.pdf 1.71MB 751
E8085 Brochure.pdf 1.47MB 868
Body Type Glass body Glass Bulb
Cable length 1000 mm
Cap Diameter 16mm
Commodity Code 90279050
Connector BNC
Diameter 12mm
Junction Type Annular Ceramic
length 155mm
pH range 0-14
Reference Type Ag/AgCl

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Low Conductivity pH combination Electrode

  • £105.00

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