The E8051 Stainless Steel Temperature probe is for use with the RE357, DR359, FE257 and QC355 pH meters and is connected via the  Jack socket on the rear panel.

The Temperature probe measures to within +/- 0.1 degrees centigrade over the full 0-100 degree range. 

It is important to measure the temperature during pH analysis. If the temperature of the buffer solutions is different to that of the standards then temperature correction is required. Automatic or manual temperature compensation is available on most pH meters.

The buffer solution temperature should also be noted as the actual pH will change with temperature. In this case the actual pH has to be inputted into the calibration. e.g.  pH7 buffer solution is pH7.00 at 25 degrees but is pH7.02 at 20 degrees C.

The E8051 fits into the E8060 electrode stand and should be rinsed between measurements. 

Cap Diameter 16mm
Commodity Code 90278011
Diameter 3mm
length 155mm
Material Stainless Steel
Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.1 Degree C
Temperature range 0-100 Degrees C

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Temperature Probe

  • £61.00

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