Filling solution for Calomel Reference Electrodes and Double Junction Reference Electrodes.

The  filling solution is supplied in a leak proof , graduated 500ml Polypropylene bottle.

The solution is also suitable for the short term storage of reference electrodes where the filling solution is Potassium Chloride. Just immerse the electrode tip in a small beaker of E8122 solution. For longer term storage fill the protective cap with filling solution and replace.

Thumb File information
pH-Ref-REDOX Manual.pdf 1.71MB 446
MSDS Potassium Chloride Filling solution E8122.pdf 1.54MB 468
Commodity Code 38220000
Filled Weight 510g
Graduations 50ml
Inner Seal Yes Transportable
Material Analar KCl and de-ionised Water in a Polypropylene bottle
Volume 500ml

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Potassium Chloride Filling Solution (3 Molar) 500ml

  • £25.00

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