The EDT QC355 Routine Quality Control pH meter has been designed for routine pH measurements with the emphasis on accuracy, consistency and reliability.

QC applications often involve the need for rapid precise results produced by any one of a multiple of operators. The QC355 has many standard features which ensures that standard operating procedures are adhered to and that calibration is performed regularly and accurately.

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) is standard which ensures that any temperature variation between samples and standards are corrected without the need for manual measurement or adjustment. Automatic buffer recognition means that the instrument will recognize standard pH4, 7 and 10 buffer solutions and perform automatic calibration at the push of a single button. This means that the use of unauthorized or unusual calibration solutions is not possible .

A stability indicator ensures that user or operator bias is eliminated thereby providing consistent results regardless of operator.

Most Quality control applications require that the pH calibrations be performed at prescribed regular intervals. The QC355 provides this option with a calibration clock function so that good laboratory practice is adhered to at all times.

To provide consistency it is important that QC instruments are not used for other applications which can cause the loss of calibration settings .The QC355 has no other modes such as millivolt or manual temperature compensation. This ensures the integrity of the calibration settings and routines which are critical in QC applications.

For applications requiring buffers other than pH4,7 and 10, a millivolt mode allowing the use of ISEs or REDOX probes or manual temperature compensation the EDT Model RE357 is the model of choice. 

The QC355 pH meter can be operated using either battery or mains power and is compatible with any of the pH Combination electrodes offered by EDT directION.

Thumb File information
QC355TX Manual.pdf 1.67MB 1526
QC355Tx Brochure.pdf 1.65MB 987
Accuracy +/- 0.01pH
Auto Temp 0-100 Degrees C
Commodity Code 90278011
Connection BNC
Display 12.7mm LCD
pH Calibration 1 or 2 Points. pH 4, 7 or 10
Range pH 0-14
Ref. Electrode Connection 4mm Ø Socket
Resolution pH 0.01
RS232 Output Yes
Size 210x150x88mm
Temperature Probe Connection 3.5mm Ø jack
Temperature Resolution 0.1 Degree C
Weight 550 g

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Quality Control Bench pH Meter & Accessories

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