The GP353 General purpose pH meter pH is a high quality durable bench instrument with traditional rotary controls designed for ease of use. It measures pH and temperature but can also be used in the mV mode as a REDOX meter.

The measurement of the REDOX potential is carried out using a platinum combination electrode or separate platinum and reference half cells in the mV mode.

Temperature compensation cannot be performed as many different sorts of ions contribute to the overall REDOX potential and each has a different response to temperature changes. REDOX standards are available however the most common REDOX analysis is carried out on a relative basis.  The Platinum electrode will allow you to follow a REDOX reaction in situ.

The REDOX potential is a good indication of the solutions ability to gain or lose electrons and indicates its ability to Oxidise or Reduce reactants.

Typical applications include analytical titrations, Corrosion studies and disinfectant applications such as chlorination in pools etc. A healthy swimming pool will present with the same REDOX potential e.g.degradation will indicate the need for chemical addition.

The GP353 pH meter has a recorder output for use with recorders or data-loggers and can be run on either battery or mains power. Supplied with ATC probe, buffers, stand, mains adapter and 9V Battery.

Thumb File information
GP353_Manual.pdf 1.63MB 514
GP353R.pdf 1.69MB 603
Accuracy +/- 0.01pH
Accuracy mV +/- 1mV
Automatic Temperature Compensation 0-100 Degrees C
Commodity Code 90278011
Dimensions 210x150x88mm
Display 12.7mm LCD
Karl Fischer Output 10 MicroAmps
Manual Temp Compensation 0-100 Degrees C
Power requirement 9V Battery or Mains Adapter
Range mV +/- 1999mV
Range pH 0-14pH
Recorder Output 0-199.9mV
Resolution mV 1mV
Resolution pH 0.01pH
Temp Accuracy +/- 0.5 degrees C
Temp Resolution 0.1 Degree C
Temperature Range -5 to 100 Degrees C
Weight 550g

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General Purpose pH - REDOX ORP Meter

  • £325.00

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