Reference electrodes have a finite lifetime caused by reference junction blockage or loss of electrolyte.

The S2K922/REF is a replacement electrode for when calibration becomes impossible or results become sluggish.

Simply pull out the old electrode and replace. The black o ring seal will ensure that the unit will retain its water resistance to IP67 standard.

Remove the red dot from the ceramic tip for operation. The reference Junction is close to the Chip sensor on the meter which allows measurement of small volumes as low as 1 drop.

After use replace the protective cap.

Thumb File information
S2K922REF.pdf 1.72MB 809
Commodity Code 90279050
Connector 3mm pin. Fits S2K922 and S2K917 only
Junction Type Ceramic
Material Acrylic
Reference Type Ag/AgCl Non-refillable

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Replacement Reference Electrode for S2K922 and S2K712

  • £52.00

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