A junction free, chemically resistant Reference Electrode which can be completely disassembled and cleaned or decontaminated.

This electrode is ideal for applications that cause electrode junction blockages,  measurements of slurries, pastes  or any other viscous material or where contamination of standard reference electrodes is likely. The 5xxx Flow plus Reference electrode flow rate through the liquid junction can be altered to suit the severity of the application. 

The electrode is easily taken apart for maintenance and cleaning and then re -assembled ready for use. 

The electrode can be stored dry and does therefore not degrade over time or leach out filling solution. Physical and chemical cleaning is possible without damaging the performance.  Electrode performance and stability is often superior to standard reference electrodes as there is no porous junction material. The filling solution flows slowly through a cone shaped liquid junction providing excellent contact with the sample.

Flow Plus reference electrodes can be used with any half cell pH or Ion Selective Electrode. Filing solutions to match each type of application are available. The most common however is KCl.

The electrode is filled through a side fill hole. Pressing the cap opens the liquid junction and releases a small amount of filling solution. This therefore replenishes the reference junction and removes local contamination. After use the electrode is emptied, rinsed and left dry in it box.  The electrode lifetime is significantly extended over other Calomel, AG/AgCl or double junction electrodes in awkward applications.

Thumb File information
pH-Ref-REDOX Manual.pdf 1.71MB 326
Reference Type Solid State Chloride pellet. Refillable chamber
Body Type Epoxy body, Polymer inner.
Cable length 1 metre
Cap Diameter 16mm
Commodity Code 90279053

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Flow Plus Reference Electrode

  • £129.00

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