Here are some of the benefits of using EDT directION combination Ion Selective Electrodes:

  • Rugged Solid State Sensors
  • No Filling solutions
  • No membrane replacements
  • Built in dry Reference electrode
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • Suitable for Laboratory and Field work
  • Compatible with all pH and Ion Meters
  • Stored dry for long lifetime
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use

The Nitrate sensor is PVC based with a solid state mount and does not degenerate during storage unlike conventional Nitrate electrodes. The lack of internal solution means that submersion is also possible as the sensor does not flex under reasonable pressure.

Each EDT directION Combination ISE has a 1 metre cable and a BNC connector (other connectors available on request) allowing use on all types of pH/ION meter including laboratory bench and research models.

For Quick Ion analysis for under £500 use our ION Concentration Calculator.

For direct concentration reading and absolute simplicity the EDT DR359TX pH/ION meter is the perfect instrument for these ISEs.The solid state sensors have a huge advantage over conventional ISEs in that there is no internal fill solution to degenerate the sensor this means that EDT direction combination ISEs have an unrivalled lifetime and a very low cost of ownership.

EDT are a UK based manufacturer and produce ISEs for many prominent companies in the water testing sector. As a result our ISEs are very competitively priced and come complete with technical support provided from our vast library of applications and our in house electrochemistry technicians.

For optimum results use EDT direction standards and Ionic Strength Adjustment Buffers ( ISABs). Click here to see a simple calibration procedure or learn more about the principles of ISE measurement

Thumb File information
3021_Manual.pdf 1.63MB 486
Combination ISE Range Brochure.pdf 1.6MB 452
Cable length 1000mm
Cap Diameter 16mm
Commodity Code 90279050
Concentration Range 0.4-62,000 ppm
Connector BNC
Diameter 12mm
Endpoint time Typically 10-60 seconds
Interferences Chloride, Nitrite
length 155mm
pH range 2-11 pH
Potential Drift 2mV per Day
Reference Type Double Junction
Resistance at 25 Deg C < 2.5 MOhm
Temperature range 5-50 Degrees C

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Nitrate Combination ISE

  • £315.00

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