The Model 9999ORP sensor should be used in conjunction with the 9999 Cathodic protection reference electrode and BNC Adapter.

The REDOX potential is measured in mV and is a measure of the Corrosion potential of the water in which metal structures are in contact.

A highly oxidising solution such as Chlorinated water can have REDOX potentials over 500mV where clean river water may have potential close to Zero.

Measuring the REDOX potential can alert you to changes in the corrosion potential of water and is particularly useful to Boat Owners wishing to protect metal Hulls. REDOX potentials will be lower near Grounding rods in Marinas and can give a good indication of corrosive environments caused by e.g. stray direct current from poorly earthed appliances and shore power.

The 25mm Rugged waterproof body and 5 metre cable makes this sensor ideal for any field work.

Thumb File information
9999ORP Brochure.pdf 1.93MB 62
Hull potentials explained.pdf 69.32KB 63
Hull potential measurement. How it works.pdf 25.08KB 73
Body Type Rugged polymer.
Cable length 5 Metre
Commodity Code 90270000
Connector 4mm Banana Plug
Diameter 25mm
length 120mm
Material Platinum Disc Sensor

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Platinum REDOX sensor for Corrosion /Cathodic protection applications.

  • £95.00

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