A glass bodied reference electrode half-cell with a 12mm body.

Silver/Silver Chloride reference electrodes require separate pH (E8082) or Platinum Redox half-cell for use.

The Reference electrode is an Ag/AgCl system with a ceramic reference junction. The electrode is refillable with Potassium Chloride ( KCl) saturated with Ag/Cl filling solution. As a result the this electrode will leach out KCl into the sample solution. For some applications e.g. Chloride, Potassium or Nitrate analysis this is not acceptable. In such cases, or if there is doubt you should use a double Junction reference electrode.

Separate reference electrodes are superior to the reference half cells found in combination electrodes as they have a larger reservoir of filling solution and therefore a faster flow rate of electrolyte through the junction which provides faster response and greater stability. The EDT Silver/Silver Chloride reference electrode has several advantages over a standard Calomel electrode. Firstly it does not contain Mercury and can therefore be used in a wider variety of applications. Secondly Ag/AgCl references have greater stability at higher temperatures and can withstand analysis of hot samples.

Finally the internal silver wire occupies little space in the chamber which allows for a larger volume of electrolyte leading to less frequent filling.

For Applications using Tris Buffers use a Calomel or Double junction reference electrode.

The EDT Silver/Silver Chloride reference electrode comes with a 4mm connector and is compatible with all types of pH electrode. Calibration is usually made between two buffer solutions. To view a simple calibration click here.

Thumb File information
pH-Ref-REDOX Manual.pdf 1.71MB 289
E8095 Data Sheet.pdf 1.48MB 104
Body Type Glass
Cable length 1000mm
Cap Diameter 16mm
Commodity Code 90279050
Connector 4mm
Diameter 12mm
length 155mm
Reference Type Ag/AgCl re-fillable with product code E8067
Temperature range 0-90 °C

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Silver/Silver Chloride Reference Electrode - Ag/AgCl

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