The QP458 Portable combined pH and Conductivity meter is the third in a series of Quality Portable meters from EDT directION.  All are state of the art instruments made in the UK.
The clear backlit graphic display guides the user through every operation ensuring that even the most unskilled operation can perform accurate analysis without an instruction manual.

Every instrument in the QP range has a mini USB output for printing or exporting sample and calibration data. If printing is not possible there is a 10,000 data point, 64 file internal memory to enable field data to be recorded.

Power is via 4 x AA batteries. Lifetime is impressive due to a highly efficient display with brightness and contrast options along with many other power saving features.

Other features include:

- Dual pH and Conductivity Display
- 1 ,2 or 3 Point pH Calibration
- Auto Conductivity Calibration
- Auto endpoint
- Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
- Automatic Standard Recognition
- pH Buffer correction
- Calibration alarms
- Millivolt and Relative millivolt modes
- Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Mode
- Data logging and internal Data storage.
- Micro USB Data output
- Real time clock
- BNC /DIN and 3.5mm Jack connectors

- Tough Waterproof Carry case
- Impressive array of accessories and consumables.

The QP458 Kit comes complete in a Tough Deep Carry Case and comprises:

QP458 Meter, E8080 pH Electrode, E8051 ATC probe, 4 x AA Batteries, Buffer capsules pH4 (A3096) and pH7 (A3097),

E8074 Conductivity/ATC Cell, A3052 1413 µS/cm Standard, 4 x AA Batteries, 100ml Sample Bottle, Deep Carry case E8402.

The QP range of products are extremely Tough, Splash-proof and practical and carry a two year warranty.

Automatic pH calibration Automatic calibration in all Modes
Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ATC across the entire range for pH and Conductivity
Battery Life Over 200 Hours continuous use. Power saving features include: Auto off, Backlight control, logging sleep mode.
Conductivity Accuracy +/- 0.2% of Reading
Conductivity Range Auto-ranging from 0- 999mS/cm. in appropriate units
Connection Multi pin DIN for Conductivity/Temperature combined probe. BNC for pH with 3.5mm Jack for ATC
Data Output Mini USB. Outputs csv at 38400 Baud
Data Storage Dynamic Internal storage of up to 64 files. Logging maximum 10,000 data points
Display Backlit LCD Graphic Display
Power requirement 4 X AA Batteries
Range mV +/- 1999mV
Range pH -2 to 16 pH
Reference Temperature Set at 25 degrees C.
Size 280cm x 220cm x 155cm (Outer Case)
Weight 1.7Kg

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Series 4 Portable Combined pH and Conductivity/TDS Meter KIT

  • Product Code: QP458 Kit
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  • £595.00

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